7 Effective Ways, You can be Kind towards the Environment this Summer.

The time when nature is full of life and so are you! However, in recent times we, as a species, have not been kind towards the environment. The sea levels are rising, the weather has a mind of its own and several other factors indicate that we are not on course to leave a better world for our future generation.

This article shows 7 easy but effective ways you can implement in your daily life and be one step ahead to reduce the stress on the Environment.

The last one is a bonus tip which is applicable for all seasons.


Natural Light is your best Friend.

During summer we have longer days, which means longer hours of sunshine. With proper planning (Article coming soon) not only will you be able to allow sufficient sunlight to enter and light up your house but also find that you are saving a substantial amount on the utilities at the end of the month while being a lesser burden for the environment.


Line dry when the sun is up!

We get plenty of sun during Summer in our beautiful province of Ontario. So summer is the perfect time to line dry your clothes. By doing this you get, Fresher smelling clothes, reduced hydro bills, and one big step towards reducing wastage. So we see that as a Win-Win and Win situation.


More Bike Rides!

According to the City of Toronto, biking is one of the fastest growing modes of transportation in the city and they are working hard to improve the conditions required to bike in the city. From a lovely ride along the town with friends and family to commuting daily to your workplace, there is no other mode of transportation which is as energy efficient as a bicycle. Furthermore, your cardio routine is also taken care of through this. And with the recent hike in gas prices, maybe using a bicycle every now and then is not a bad idea.


More Plants, More Life

Decorate your house with a shade of green. Whether it’s a little plant pot or a full-blown backyard garden, you are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions. Also, a great hobby to get yourself involved in.


Invest in that Smart Thermostat

With sensors that detect your presence, a smart thermostat makes the proper adjustments to make the home conditions comfortable while turning off cooling during your absence.


Reusable Water bottles and straws.

One of the most significant contributors to plastic waste is disposable water bottles and straws, producing billions of pounds of waste each year. Reusable ones are much friendlier to nature and also keep you hydrated on a hot summer day with no less efficiency.



Go paperless wherever you can.

Technically you can do this anytime throughout the year but why don’t you start this summer? Do you really need a monthly printed copy of your credit card or bank statement? Is it necessary for your phone bill to come in the mail, while you can pay it easily through an app? Furthermore, The rise of cloud-based technology makes the task of organizing and viewing all these statements and invoices easier while negating the reason for chopping down trees for a piece of paper that a pdf can easily replace.


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