Farshid Rezaei

Farshid Rezaei -
Sales Representative and Team Leader

Farshid Rezaei, Our Team Leader, is a seasoned professional in the Real Estate industry.

He attained his Masters’s degree in Applied Science (MASc) from the University of Toronto and has been working in the Real Estate industry since 2004.

Throughout his time in the industry, he came across several individuals from different nationalities, and ethnic and social backgrounds and helped them to achieve their real estate goals.

Other than that he is an avid soccer fan and tries to watch every important match.

Farshid loves soccer and watches all the world cup games. He used to play soccer back in University. He loves to play poker as well. However, he only plays cards with friends and family. He loves to travel and has traveled to more than 20 countries. He loves to learn and he enjoys working with young professionals.

Henny Majlesi - Real Estate Sales Representative

 Henny Majlesi, a person full of spirit and an acute sense of humour, has been involved in Real Estate since 2015. 

 With her years of experience, Henny makes is it easy for her clients to achieve their goals whether they are trying to buy a resale home or condo for themselves or for investment.

 However, the crown jewel of her expertise is Preconstruction condos. So much so, that here in the office, we call her the pre-construction Queen.

 Henny graduated from York U in Chemical Engineering and is a loving mother and wife.

Farzad Bookan-
Sales Representative

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Shahram Esfandiari - Operations Manager

On the surface, Shahram is a Mechanical Engineer and PMP with over 25 years of experience in the industry and plant production. He directs project management initiatives from conceptualization through development, implementation, and management.  Shahram is so efficient at his job that he considers himself a “dream team creator and leader. “

He had successfully nourished his insatiable passion for his most recent six-year tenure through implementing a sufficient system and powerful, trained team instead of only doing his job. He created and maintained project documentation, plans, and progress reports in his work files.  

Shahram can define timelines, budgets, deliverables, and milestones; allocate resources for projects. More than his role as an engineer, he creates progress reports and monitors program data to assess efficiency. He builds strong, lasting relationships and strategic partnerships through exceptional client service; serves as the primary point of contact for client communications.

As a project manager, he manages internal and external contractors and staff through the project life cycle. In particular, He focuses on driving product launch initiatives across the website, social, and digital advertising platforms, managing a budget and increasing customer reach. 

He wants to engage more with coordinated project management activities and resources for entrepreneur projects. He hopes to be more involved in commercials, residential construction projects and brokerage leads. 


Sheikh Sadaf Tasin -
IT Specialist

Sheikh is the man behind our Online Prescence.

He has a Masters degree in Applied Computing from the University of Windsor and is passionate about all things related to computers. 

He is a great admirer of HipHop and RnB music and is a huge fan of Toronto Rap Artist Drake.

His special talent is he can sing the National Anthem of 5 countries. 

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